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About us

We have been working for you for over 20 years. We love our work and always try to find the best logistic solutions for our clients. Today, we can offer you the services of vehicle fleet, freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing and fuel cards. Freight traffic is conducted in accordance with the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR). All transportations carried out by Transvera are CMR-insured. We are a member of the Lithuanian National Road Carriers’ Association “LINAVA” and the TIR system. We cooperate with partners who provide reliable warehousing and customs services. Our company represents Belorusneft and Shell fuel cards.


International transportation

Transvera transports goods in Western European countries and from Western to Eastern Europe. The main courses of action are oriented at Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, and Russia. Full and partial freight transportation services are offered as well as reasonable solutions for the transportation of oversized, dangerous (ADR) or temperature-sensitive freight. Combinations of air, sea and land transportation may be arranged.

We have a modern vehicle fleet which complies with the Euro 5 and the Euro 6 standards. Service quality is our top priority, therefore, we employ only professional and experienced drivers.

Customs clearance and warehousing services

We ensure the high-quality customs clearance and warehousing services for our customers. For your convenience, a wide range of warehousing and customs services in Vilnius and Šiauliai is offered:

  • Freight storage, reception, quantity and quality control;
  • Freight packaging and repackaging;
  • Freight marking, weighing, sorting and loading on pallets;
  • Handling the import, export and customs transit procedures.
Sandėliavimo ir muitinės paslaugos

Fuel cards

UAB Transvera is a distributor of Shell and Belorusneft fuel cards in Lithuania. We are pleased to offer our customers the highest quality fuel as well as all fuel card services.

  • Exceptional fuel formula;
  • Improves engine performance;
  • Wholesale price.

    • State Oil Company, which ensures fuel quality;
    • A network of over 900 gas stations;
    • Road charges: "Post-Pay" payment mode without a service charge.



  • UAB „Transvera“
  • Company code: 141176483
  • VAT identification number: LT411764811
  • Address: Kareivių st. 19, 09133 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Address for correspondence: Ulonų st. 5, 08240 Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Telephone: +37052776710
  • Fax: +37052767843
  • Email: info@transvera.lt